Fragrance Note
With "Arabian" from Cube Aroma Scents, discover the magic of the Arabian essence. A journey through history and tradition is unveiled by this exquisite essential oil fragrance. Starting off, energetic top notes of citrus fruitiness stimulate your senses with a rush of energy that is evocative of lively, Arabian bazaars. As the scent develops, the heart displays a woody embrace that connects with the region's rich heritage and creates images of eons-old woods and sandalwood. With a rich, appealing base note of woody amber and musky overtones, "Arabian" ends on a lasting and appealing note that honors the Arabian heritage. Get lost in the fascination of "Arabian" and let Cube Aroma Scents' aromatic narrative of tradition and refinement carry you away to the exotic landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula.
Fruity Citrus Spicy (Rhubarb, Grapefruit, Pink Pepper) Woody (Vetiver, Cyproil) Woody Ambery Musky (Vetiver, Amber, Cedar Wood, Musk)
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