Fragrance Note
Discover the seductive mystery of "Darkness" by Cube Aroma Scents, an essential oil scent that personifies elegance and mystery. The top note of citrus aromatic, a brisk and energizing awakening that lingers in the air like a moonlight reflection on the water, tantalizes the senses at first encounter. The center of the perfume, which is an olfactory voyage into the center of an old forest, shows a fascinating fragrant woody note as it develops. The moist, earthy calm of a secret forest is finally evoked by the underlying note of woody mossy. Accept the mystery of "Darkness" and let Cube Aroma Scents' mesmerizing creation surround you in a cloak of grace and mystery.
Citrus Aromatic (Bergamot, Rosemary)
Aromatic Woody (Lavender, Juniper)
Woody Mossy (Vetiver, Oakmoss)
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