Fragrance Note
Experience "French" by Cube Aroma Scents, an essential oil scent that captures the spirit of French refinement, and its timeless elegance and beautiful creativity. The perfume begins with a top note of Fruits, a soft and energizing opening that makes you think of strolling through blossoming French gardens by the river. With a heart note of floral, an alluring and harmonious bouquet that captures the spirit of Parisian charm, "French" exposes its depth as it delicately develops. It eventually settles into a base note of white musk and wood, leaving behind a lingering trail of seductive seduction and unspoiled beauty. Experience the timeless elegance and French appeal of "French," an olfactory masterpiece by Cube Aroma Scents, and lose yourself in the romance of yesteryear.
Fruity ( Peach, Blackcurrant)
Floral (Violet, Jasmine, Rose, Heliotrope)
Musky Woody(Musk, Sandal Wood, Dry Wood)
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