Fragrance Note
Introducing "Lotus" by Cube Aroma Scents, an essential oil perfume that transports you on a fragrant journey to a serene lotus pond. This enchanting scent commences with a top note of citrusy orange and anise, creating a vibrant and aromatic start reminiscent of a sunlit orchard. As the fragrance journey unfolds, a heart note of heliotrope, rose, violet, and muguet takes center stage, evoking the elegance of blossoming lotus petals on the water's surface. "Lotus" gradually reveals its complexity and depth as it plays out on your senses. Finally, it settles into a base note of musky ambery woody bliss, with notes of musk, amber, and dry wood, leaving a lasting impression that echoes the serene and sophisticated beauty of a lotus-filled paradise. Immerse yourself in the allure of "Lotus," an olfactory masterpiece by Cube Aroma Scents that invites you to embrace the essence of tranquility and natural elegance.
Citrus Aromatic ( Orange, Anise, Leaves)
Floral ( Heliotrope, Rose, Violet, Muguet)
Musky Ambery Woody ( Musk, Amber, Dry wood)
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