Fragrance Note
With "Olivia" by Cube Aroma Scents, an essential oil perfume that captures the essence of sunny landscapes and beach breezes, take a delightful trip to the Mediterranean. Grapefruit and olive blossom make up the top note of this alluring scent, which is a lively and energizing opening that conjures the freshness of Mediterranean orchards. With a heart note of floral notes and a magnificent scent that reflects the exuberant vegetation of the Mediterranean shore, "Olivia" gradually shows its depth. It finally settles into an oakmoss and cedar wood base note, creating a lingering impression that reflects the area's earthy richness. Experience the timeless beauty and zeal for life of the Mediterranean by immersing yourself in the seduction of "Olivia," an olfactory masterpiece from Cube Aroma Scents.
Floral Citrus ( Grapefruit, Olive blossom)
Floral ( peony, lily of the valley, jasmine)
Mossy Woody (Oakmoss, cedar wood)
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