Fragrance Note
Enjoy the majestic appeal of "Royal" by Cube Aroma Scents, a work of olfactory art. The top note of fragrant fruits and spices provides an energizing start to this essential oil scent that grabs the audience's attention. As it progresses, "Royal" displays its regal nature through a soft floral leathery middle note, an excellent mix that radiates refinement and depth. A base note of woody musk, a rich and persistent aroma that leaves an imprint, marks the journey's conclusion. Experience the ultimate essence of grandeur and majesty with "Royal," a scent that captures the essence of opulence.
Fruity Spicy (Raspberry, Cherry, Saffron)
Floral Leathery (Rose, Geranim, Leather)
Woody Musky (Oud, Patchouli, Vanilla, Myrrh)
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