Fragrance Note
With "Sorrento" by Cube Aroma Scents, an essential oil perfume that captures the essence of Mediterranean beauty and charm, take a fragrant journey to the sun-kissed seaside refuge of Sorrento. This alluring scent begins with a top note of citrus fruity, a cheery and energizing beginning that reflects the zest of Sorrento's profusion of orchards. With a flowery heart note that perfectly evokes the charm of Sorrento's seaside gardens in bloom, "Sorrento" gradually unveils its complexity as it plays out. Finally, it settles into a base note of wood, vanilla, and caramel, giving a lingering impression that echoes the decadent sweetness and country-chic sophistication of this lovely paradise. Take in the attraction of "Sorrento," an olfactory masterpiece by Cube Aroma Scents that encourages you to breathe in the essence of Mediterranean beauty and seaside serenity.
Citrus Fruity ( Apricot, Peach, Roseberry, Orange, Apple)
Floral ( Rose, Jasmine)
Sweet Wood( Vanilla, Caramel, Wood)
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