Fragrance Note
With "Venice" by Cube Aroma Scents, an essential oil perfume that captures the everlasting charm of this mesmerizing city, set off on a passionate journey through the picturesque canals of Venice. A flowery citrus symphony of mandarin and orange composes the first note of this magnificent scent, conjuring up the romanticism of blooming Venetian gardens. With a heart note of floral fruity, a warm and sensuous combination that echoes the cozy embrace of Venetian gondolas at dusk, "Venice" gradually shows its depth as it progresses. A sweet musk base note emerges at the end, leaving a lingering impression that echoes the grace and passion of Venice's grandeur. Experience the spirit of Venetian romance and timeless beauty as you lose yourself in the romantic appeal of "Venice," an olfactory masterpiece from Cube Aroma Scents.
Citrus Fruity ( Mandarin, Orange, Pineapple) Floral Fruity ( Rose, Violet, Muguet, Orange blossom, Coconut) Sweet Musky Woody ( Musk, Cedar wood, Vanilla, Praline)
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