Very Berry

Fragrance Note
Enjoy the lush and pleasant world of Cube Aroma Scents' "Verry Berry" essential oil perfume, which in one spray captures the flavor of ripe, juicy fruits. An invigorating rush of tropical freshness, pineapple serves as the fragrance's top note at the beginning. With a heart note of cherry, pear, and apple—a fruity combination that radiates sweetness and zest—"Verry Berry" gradually shows its depth as it progresses. When it finally settles into a base note of vanilla, a sweet, soothing trail of cream is left in its wake. Experience "Verry Berry," an olfactory masterpiece by Cube Aroma Scents that encourages you to savor the thrill of ripe, succulent fruits all day long, and lose yourself in its luscious beauty.
Fruity ( Pineapple) Fruity ( Cherry, Pear, Apple) Sweet (Vanilla)
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