K.D 12.00

Elevate your surroundings with the stylish and versatile CA-06 Perfume Diffuser. Its fashionable design seamlessly blends into any space while offering two modes for interval fragrance diffusion and automatic power on/off functionality. Powered by ultrasonic atomization technology and equipped with a built-in battery, this diffuser ensures a seamless scent experience wherever you go. The inclusion of a moving detection sensor guarantees convenience, while its noiseless operation creates a serene ambiance. With the added bonus of six exquisite fragrances, this diffuser is perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of your car, bathroom, small rooms, and office, making it a versatile and indispensable accessory.
N.W: 0.05 Kgs Bottle Capacity: 5 ml Power: 1w Consumption:0.03-0.05 g/hr Voltage: DC5v Battery life: 50 hrs Coverage: 6 m³ Dimension: 31x26x94 mm


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