K.D 160.00

Introducing the CA-2500HD from CubeAroma Scents – the exceptional diffuser machine designed to enhance larger spaces with its impressive 2500 cubic meter coverage. Elevate your environment to a new level of fragrance sophistication with this powerful device. Whether you have a spacious living room, a well-sized office, or a generous event venue, the CA-2500HD is your ideal solution for creating an immersive and inviting atmosphere. This cutting-edge diffuser machine is engineered for efficiency and precision, ensuring that every corner of your space is embraced by the captivating scents of CubeAroma's premium fragrances. The AP-2500HD's advanced technology disperses our signature scents evenly and consistently, leaving no area untouched. With its sleek and contemporary design, the CA-2500HD seamlessly complements any décor, adding an element of elegance to your space while infusing it with delightful aromas. Experience the perfect fusion of technology and artistry with the CA-2500HD from CubeAroma Scents – where fragrance meets innovation, and larger spaces are transformed with captivating scents.
N.W: 3.9 kgs Dimension: 195x160x148 mm Power: 12W Consumption: 0.20-4.00 ml/hr Voltage: DC12V Coverage: 2550 m³ Bottle Capacity: 2.5L*1


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