K.D 160.00

The CA-5000S essential oil fragrance diffuser from CubeAroma redefines the art of scenting spaces by seamlessly integrating with a user-friendly mobile application. With its sleek and modern design, this diffuser not only adds a touch of elegance to any environment but also offers unparalleled convenience and customization. Through the mobile application, users can effortlessly control and personalize their scent experience, adjusting the diffusion intensity, selecting from a wide range of essential oils, and even creating customized scent schedules. The CA-5000S combines advanced technology with artistic craftsmanship, delivering a truly immersive and transformative sensory journey. Whether you seek relaxation, focus, or a refreshing atmosphere, the CA-5000S essential oil fragrance diffuser from CubeAroma provides a seamless and personalized aromatic experience, all at the touch of a button on your smartphone.
N.W: 7.1 kgs
Consumption: 4.5 ml/h±5%
Power: 16W
Dimension: 230x112x330 mm
Voltage: D12V
Noise: 45dba
Covarage:5000 m³
Bottle Capacity: 1000 ml


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